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Humble Bundle – Humble Choice Monthly Reviews

HumbleBundle – Humble Choice Monthly Reviews – Updated 8/7/2021

Humble Choice Aug 2021


Games for August 2021



August 2021
GameSteam Reviews (All)Steam PriceHistoric Lowest Steam PricePlatformOperating SystemHow Long To Beat?Story : HoursMy Steam PriceMy Historic Lowest Steam Price
Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightOverwhelmingly Positive (95.15% of 20752)39.99 USD15.49 USD NeweggSteamWindows13.5
Last OasisMixed (66.47% of 18456)29.99 USD14.99 USD SteamSteamWindows
SuperliminalVery Positive (94.84% of 9503)19.99 USDN/ASteamWindows, Mac, Linux2.5
Out of SpaceVery Positive (80.54% of 961)14.99 USD3.74 USD SteamSteamWindows, Mac, Linux7
We Need To Go DeeperVery Positive (86.53% of 3378)15.99 USD4.96 USD SteamSteamWindows, Linux
CartoOverwhelmingly Positive (98.08% of 1981)19.99 USD12.88 USD GameBilletSteamWindows, Mac5.5
As Far As The EyeMostly Positive (78.48% of 1250)9.99 USD8.43 USD GamersGateSteamWindows, Mac, Linux3
Cepheus ProtocolVery Positive (89.93% of 586)14.99 USD9.89 USD SteamSteamWindows
Drake HollowVery Positive (80.85% of 757)29.99 USD17.99 USD Microsoft StoreSteamWindows12
Nowhere ProphetVery Positive (81.0% of 542)24.99 USD16.24 USD GOGSteamWindows, Mac, Linux10
Blue FireVery Positive (80.23% of 617)11.99 USD10.07 USD GameBilletSteamWindows10.5
ENCODYAVery Positive (80.3% of 66)GOGWindows, Mac, Linux


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