Windows 10 Drivers Easy Backup Plan

How to backup Windows drivers for your laptop and PC! Working for Windows 10 drivers!


This procedure is purely based on my experience working on previous laptops and computers. This is for working for windows 10 drivers specially for laptops. Most of the time, I forget to download or get all the drivers that I need before I reset/format/restore. Sadly 80% or even 99% of the time the drivers for old computers will be a pain in the butt to find, include the incompatibility of the found drivers.

It’s handy to backup the previous drivers to avoid any headaches after the clean installation of Windows. Windows update will also find your drivers but I find some of the factory installed drivers are still missing or undetected.


Option 1: You can use Windows PowerShell to backup your drivers easily.

Step 1: Open WindowsPowerShell, you can just search or find it from your Start Menu.

windows powershell


Step 2: Type Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination C:\DriverBackup

You can change the file path to point to any folder or drive you want. After that hit Enter.

windows powershell


Step 3: After loading all of the files will be on the specified folder. You can now point the driver path to this folder from device manager.


Option 2: You can use any driver software to do it for you.

What works for us may not work for you but this software didn’t give me any issues backing up the drivers. I like that it didn’t have any installation at all and it’s a stand alone portable application. You try to use Double Driver for your driver backups.

Step 1: Open extracted Double Driver Application

double driver


Step 2: Click Backup and Scan Current System

You can tick each of the drivers or include/exclude some but I find that all of the needed one are already marked.

double driver


Step 3: Once Done, you can check the drivers in the destination file path

double driver


double driver


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